KAEYC / NAEYC membership

Why should you join KSAEYC/NAEYC?

Early educators and families work every day to make a difference in the lives of young children. KSAEYC and NAEYC work to support these remarkable individuals by amplifying their voices and passionately advocating for what we know to be right for children, their families and educators. We also offer a robust suite of national resources and local offerings to provide KSAEYC/NAEYC members access to cutting-edge content and professional development through online communities, publications, events and more.

Membership Options

We offer four membership options: Entry Level, Standard, Premium or Family to provide tailored benefits to support the important work of early childhood professionals.  With one membership fee, you will join two great organizations: NAEYC and KSAEYC!  It also includes membership to your local chapter (where applicable).  Which membership level is best for you?

Yearly Membership Dues:

  • Entry Level membership: $30
  • Standard membership: $69
  • Premium membership: $150
  • Family membership: $35

In addition to the standard benefits NAEYC offers, KSAEYC members also receive:

Entry Level membership:

  • Digital updates for the early childhood professional
  • Raffle tickets and access to the members-only room at KSAEYC Annual Conference
  • Membership to your local chapter (where applicable)
  • 1.5 hours FREE Professional Development at KSAEYC Friday Night Event
  • Discount on KSAEYC Annual Conference Registration
  • AND NAEYC Entry Level benefits including digital resources, interest forums, NAEYC member-only opportunities and discounts for the online store and other publications!

Standard membership:

  • All Entry Level membership benefits PLUS–
  • Standard member gift
  • AND NAEYC Standard benefits including a free periodical subscription (and digital archive of Young Children), NAEYC book, one online professional learning course and discounts for the NAEYC annual conference!

Premium membership:

  • All Standard membership benefits PLUS–
  • Premium member gift
  • $15 Professional Development Reimbursement
  • AND NAEYC Premium membership benefits including both periodical subscriptions (Young Children AND Teaching Young Children), 4 more free books, two online professional learning courses and VIP opportunities at NAEYC events!

Family membership:

  • Family-focused digital updates
  • Networking opportunities
  • AND NAEYC Family membership benefits including family- specfic content, interest forums and discounts for the online store and other publications!

Join NAEYC/KSAEYC today!

Photo by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash